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After 30 minutes in Logic, Mac is acting extremely sluggish


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I am a new Mac user so this may be something simple to fix. I was learning how to use Logic today and I was browsing the Loop files and after about 30 minutes or so the computer started slowing down a lot. Got the spinning beach ball and it was taking a long time to respond to commands, as long as 10 seconds. Seemed really sluggish. I'm running Snow Leopard and Logic 9 on my IMac. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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Yes the Mbox is being used as an interface however I have not attempted to record to Logic 9 yet. Still learning the basics. Records fine in Garage Band. The drivers are linked to Pro Tools which is using a beta version for Snow Leopard right now. I haven't had any issues with Pro Tools in Snow Leopard at all.


Earlier today however I wasn't using the interface at all. Just listening to some of the different loops when the computer started to slow down. I've ordered 4gb more ram which I was planning on doing anyways, hoping that will solve the problem. One thing I noticed as well, when I first started up Logic there was hardly any CPU usage. Maybe 1 bar from time to time. When it started acting funny the CPU usage was spiking well over half.

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Well I had planned on upgrading to a better interface in the Future. Looks like that will be happening sooner than expected. Thanks for the input. While we're on the topic, I have been looking at the 2626 firewire interfaces. Leaning toward Presonus, but can't really decide between the M-Audio and Presonus. Supposedly they have the same preamps. Any experience with either of them in Logic? And do you think that the Mbox is causing my issue?
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