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What recording equipment should I get for Logic?

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I am planning on purchasing Logic Express and recording equipment to accompany it. So what I plan to get is a microphone for vocals, a midi keyboard and some method of recording electric acoustic guitar through my computer. I'm not extremely technologically advanced, nor do I plan on spending a lot of money.


For a microphone, I am considering the: Samson G-Track USB Recording Microphone.


I'm not sure what midi keyboard to get, but I plan to spend about 250 dollars on either a 76-88 key one.


As for recording guitar, I don't know much about this at all. I want to be able to record two or three instruments at a time, and I am not sure what equipment is required to do this. I believe I need a pre-amplifier, but I do not need one that nice. This is what a preamp is for, right? Considering I am just using an acoustic guitar with a removable pickup, I need something that supplies power.


Obviously, I'm not completely sure about what to get, so does anyone have any suggestions for what equipment I should get? I only want to spend about $400-500 (excluding Logic)

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If you want quality you're going to need more than $400. For what it's worth, here's the basic set up I use. M-Audio Axiom 61 Midi Controller ($299), Rode NT1-A Mic or Audio Technica AT3035 Mic (both in the range of $199), I think the Rode may be a better mic (oh, and don't forget the stand and pop sheild). You'll need a firewire interface. I use the Presonus Firebox (was $299 can now be found for around $175). The Firebox will allow you to record vocals and you can plug your guitar cable directly into the Firebox. Also, you can run your monitors from your Firebox. Only down side of the Firebox is that there are only two mic/instrument channel inputs. If you need three or more look at the Presonus website for other interfaces with more input. You could get away with the Firebox if you record your instrument tracks and vocal tracks at different times instead of simultaneously. Also, you will need monitors for mixing. This is expensive if you want quality but it really makes a difference. I use Dynaudo Acoustic BM5A $1000/pair but well worth it. I was trying to mix with $175 Ederols when I first started and the results when played back on my stereo system were disappointing. Just thought I'd give you one possible scenario. Peace.
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-behringer 2 channel mixer ($60), aux out into line in on mac

-audio technica at 2020 - $120

-sm 57 - $100

-cables and stands -50



that should be under about $400 (i'm canadian)


you can get decent quality with this. a lot of people don't like using the line in on a mac, but i did it for the longest time, and it can create a decent sound. Firewire or a usb interface will give a better conversion or something like that. I gave that rig to my brother pretty much, and he's pumping out amazing songs with it. I got most of my stuff used.. like my at 2020 for -$75, my 4 channel mixer for $50, and free cables from a friend. scrounge around!

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With respect to keyboards, two things:


1) Don't skimp on a keyboard controller. You can get by without one for now, most likely, by using the piano roll editor. I'm finishing a largish orchestral composition, and did it all without a keyboard.


2) What is your keyboard style? This will have tremendous bearing on the model you choose. There are three types of key action: weighted, semi, and synth. If you are exclusively going to do straight Steinway or Bosendorfer tracks, go with the weighted keyboard. If you are not going to do any genuine acoustic piano sounds, and only other virtual instruments that require frequent 16th or 32nd note syncopations (brass is a good example), then go with synth. Semi is a good compromise between the two, but you're not likely to find a decent weighted or semi-weighted keyboard in your current price range.



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