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How do I copy a complete mixer setting to another project


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Actually, it's pretty easy to do this now in Logic 9


Select File -> Import, then select the Logic project that you want to import mixer settings from.


Check the boxes for Sends, I/O, and anything else you'd like to import, then click Add.


I thin what the OP wants, and I want, is an "All" button in the Import window that opens up.

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The 'import add' actually adds new channel strips and tracks to the project... not really what I wanted. The copy audio configuration does pretty well what I want. It copies and replaces all the channel strips. Although, it doesn't relabel the strips. Don't know if there is a way to do that ?
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Logic Pro 9.1.8

This is driving me round the bend as well, I tried to copy audio config from the mixer window of one project and paste audio config into a new project- no result at all, nothing!

So I tried importing from the previous project into my new project, Logic sticks it into the Browser on the left hand side but gives no further clue as to how to incorporate this config into the mixer- Laughably it gives a button at the bottom labelled 'Import Project Settings' the primary function of which appears to be to infuriate the user even further because it does precisely......... nothing! I wonder if Apple actually know or care? It seems that with every revision or patch of this product, they actually remove functionality- like the scaling on the side sliders for example, and the ability to inch forward or backwards in the panes.

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