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Problem: Two diffreent types of vol. automation? [SOLVED]


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I'm hitting a problem with automation and the fact that there seems to be two different types.


I.e. the volume automation that you get for each region (1st picture) by going to the hyper draw menu (2nd picture) and the volume automation you may edit by hitting 'a'.





I've used the first type and I can find no way of editing the overall automation i.e. increasing all the automation by 2db.


Is this possible on the type I have utilized?

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by nodes do you mean the dots on the automation?



if so dragging/ selecting these isn't possible because you I can't actually see them...


must be something I'm missing


Yes, that's what I mean - I can see it on your picture. The dot is all the way to the left - if you have only that one dot, then drag the whole line up.

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