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Apogee Ensemble Glitch, Bug, thing...

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Has anyone been having problems with their ensembles? I have done the latest firmware upgrade and everything and the problems dont stop. 3 really annoying and frustrating things seem to be happening a lot:


1. When I go from logic to another program the ensemble starts sounding really trashy. I also have noticed that when it sits idle and then I hit play on whatever im on it decides to sound crappy again. A simple hard restart fixes these two temporarily


2. During a session Logic decided that the drivers didnt work. Mid recording of a drum track it just died. I had to reschedule the band for another time till I got this fixed. it was really embarrassing but hasnt happened since. I have since recorded acoustic guitars and vocals with it and its fine. Has this happened to anyone?


3. Finally I have a Digimax FS going into the optical in of the Ensemble and have not been able to get that up and running since the incident of #2. The sound is coming into the FS but not getting into the ensemble. I havnt changed any of the settings and it was working perfectly the night before.


So if anyone has a fix let me know. I will call Apogee in the next week and get it checked out and let you know whats up

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