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Logic's "Live Mode" ( L8, maybe also L9 )


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I think this is also an L9 phenomenon, but I've definitely been experiencing this for a very long time in L8....


Sometimes when I select an instrument track, the ® will illuminate to the full red color:



But other times, selecting a different track will result in the ® being not fully illuminated:



In this situation I have to play a dummy note or hit the sustain pedal to activate "live mode" on this track. But what's baffling is that there's no apparent pattern to when I get the fully illuminated (activated) red ® or not.


Does anyone else experience this behavior? Or is there an explanation for it?

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Yes, that's a normal behavior.


Putting an instrument in live mode (solid red R) requires quite a bit of CPU resource. In prior versions (Logic 7 and before), as you played a project and selected a software instrument track, it would automatically go in live mode, requiring a spike of CPU power, often resulting in a hiccup in the playback. This was often undesired, for example when selecting a track for editing purposes, not so you can actually play its instrument in real time.


Hence the new behavior. If you play your project and as it's playing you select a software instrument track, it's usually not going to be put into live mode. If the project is stopped the CPU spike is not a problem to handle so the track is placed in live mode.


BTW this is all explained in the following book, which I highly recommend. :mrgreen:



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Thanks for the reply David! Yeah, that book, I read it. Put me right to sleep...




But to what you said:


If the project is stopped the CPU spike is not a problem to handle so the track is placed in live mode.


But that's not the behavior I'm seeing. With Logic stopped, some tracks will go into live mode automatically, others won't.


And something that's related (I think) that happens very often...


• my song (piano, strings) is playing and the strings are selected

• I stop Logic and then select the piano track. It doesn't go into live mode

• Upon clicking the ® on the piano track, the last notes that played will blast out and sustain!


(This is with EXS instruments, BTW).


So, two questions...


1. Is there anything you can think of as to why tracks don't always go into live mode when Logic is stopped?


2. Why do I get this blast of last-played notes when I click ®?



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While writing this post I gave Logic a chance to rest as you suggested. No change in behavior: some tracks (when selected) will not go into live mode, but others will. I think the most recently activated instrument retains its live mode status. But again, not always.


Meanwhile, what you wrote reminded me of something... Sometimes if I let Logic sit long enough after I've stopped it (talking 2 - 3 minutes), Logic will spontaneously play a short, soft burst of all of the last notes played from a track. And it's almost always an EXS-24 sound.


Again, it only happens sometimes.


Quite the head-scratcher!

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