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Radio Pocho !


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If your using FireFox, you have to go into FF's prefs and hit the content tab. Leave the "block pop up windows" checked and hit the exceptions button. A window opens up where you can paste the sites at ReverbNation you want to listen to.


After you've set that up, when you hit the play button at a ReverbNation site, a new small browser window opens up behind the site you are listening to with their player. You don't see it unless you scroll through. (maybe it flashes for a hot second)


When that little player window hides behind the page your on, that's your cue that your good to go. Otherwise i've noticed I need to restart firefox and repeat.


It usually works fine for me except when I start hitting play buttons like an impatient little tweekazoid. Then you and the spinning pizza wheel are sitting there zorking the blipsquank together.


Hope that helps? :?

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