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Controlling pedalboard plug-in effects

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Is there a product available like a Roland Expression Pedal that would allow me to use the wah-wah and volume pedal in the pedal board? Right now I have them tied to my mod wheel as needed, but it's a bit hard to play my guitar and use the mod wheel at the same time. One of the guys at Guitar Center said the EV5 pedal would not work as it doesn't transmit a MIDI signal, makes sense to me, he could not come up with anyone making a MIDI pedal like the EV5.


I don't really want to have more space than a small pedal, meaning no pedal/switch board controllers like the old ART X-15 (I had one years ago and really liked it it was just too big).

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Does your controller keyboard have an expression pedal input?


Yes it does have the EXP Pedal port on the back. I am currently using the Axiom 49 from M-Audio. I didn't think of that, I suppose an EV5 pedal could plug in to it then be mapped to the controller value in Logic's plug-ins?


I really don't like the Axiom that much and will eventually change it out for something a bit easier to use. What I am not sure of yet, I do have some great older keyboards I prefer to use, my Kawai K5 is one of my favorite feeling boards and back in the 90's it was my main controller, but it is in storage in another state for now, the Axiom or my Wavestation EX is all I have for now, the rest of my synths are all rack modules.

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