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Is my computer too slow?


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I'm recording songs on the same project i make my beats on and I'm starting to have 50 tracks or more. Every time I start to play the song, the HD meter, underneath the CPU meter, flies into the red and then immediately sinks down to nothing. I was wondering what this HD meter is? What does it mean?


Also, for the first time since i got my iMac, the CPU meter is starting to raise. I have only 2 GHz processor speed and 2 GB of memory. I was wondering how many tracks do you think I will be able to make in a project before my computer is too slow?


thank you very much for the help, as this has been on my mind for a while now.

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The HD Meter is measuring disk activity. This will be high as it loads the audio files into memory. I take it you're not using an external firewire HDD to store your audio files?


50 tracks shouldnt be a problem for your CPU. But that obviously depends on the plugins/instruments you're using on them.

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I have a 1 terabyte Western Digital hard drive i should start using that i suppose but I don't use the firewire. Can I just plug it into my imac and then save my project on that?


So that means I always have to have that hard drive plugged into my imac to work on my project right?

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Yes, you can save your projects to that firewire drive and it has to be connected all the time while you use Logic.

Also make sure it is formatted in Mac OSX Extended. Open Disk Utility, select the drive and on the bottom of the window it will tell you the format.

If it is formatted in FAT32 (Windows), Logic will hang. So backup everything on it and then reformat it with Disk Utility.

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