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Producing Hip Hop Music

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eastwest/quantum Leap just released a r&b/hiphop sound library endorsed, used, and created with Timbaland, Swiss Beatz, Pharrell and another guy I'can't remember right now. THey stuff is usually pricey but if you have ever heard any of their libraries you would pay for it immediately. they can be found at soundsonline.com and have demos available to listen to. I forget the exact name of the library but they just tarted with the hiphop stuff and you'll see the endorsements on it.


Good Luck

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The East West libraries are great , so is Specrasonics stuff, thats pretty much all I use. I also record in Logic Pro 7. Soon to be on Logic 9. Check my website out www.plusishiphop.com. I just dropped a album completely produced/written by me. I don't usually sample anymore and haven't in years, I play everything. But you can listen to the whole album and get a feel of what those libraries I mentioned can do when produced right.



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uh, that library was "inspired by some of the worlds greatest producers like "...

not created or endorsed by timbaland etc...


My apologies... I was paraphrasing what I thought I read a month back or so. I should have apologized when I actually went back to post the link and saw that. My bad.

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If you think you need more than Logic to make good hip hop you are expecting new sounds to make good songs. Logic is amazing, just trying using the ES2 synth, great synth and is very capable of amazing songs. Have you looked at sculpture? This is one of my personal favorites. Ultrabeat? Wonderful too, the only additions to Logic that I use regularly is Massive and FM8, both by Native Instruments and are very good. These are just toys though. Logic lets you create so many sounds that it is unbelievable. I would spend your money on books and other learning material for Logic. Personally, I've found that knowing how use a synth gives you more new and innovative sounds then any amount of gigabytes of samples. That's just me though. Good luck and I hope this helped.


Nils Deppe

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