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Arpeggiating Polyphonic Aftertouch (Attn CS-80V Users)

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NOTE: This environment is only useful if you have a synth/virtual instrument that responds correctly to poly aftertouch, eg Kurzweil K2x series, Yamaha/Arturia CS-80, etc., or Kontakt apparently, if you've set it up properly. You do not need a controller keyboard that transmits poly AT as this process generates the poly AT messages.



Here's how it works.


Start with a patch on your synth that responds well to poly pressure/aftertouch. The patch I've loaded in the example here is the Arturia CS-80V "D.D_SextantLead", which yields interesting results.


When you play a chord, the notes are sent directly to your synth. They are also sent to an arpeggiator which converts the arpeggiated note sequence into polyphonic aftertouch messages. No arp'd note events ever reach the synth, only the arpeggiated controller events.


With the velocity value of the Arp set to 64, your mod wheel (cc1) will directly control the value of the poly AT messages. In other words, full mod wheel 127 results in poly AT messages of 127, while a mod wheel value of 1 gives a poly AT value of 1.


If the velocity value of the Arp is set to "Original" then the mod wheel scales (adds up to 64 or subtracts up to 64) the velocity that you played the notes.


In all cases, a mod wheel value of 0 will bypass the arpeggiator.


The arpeggiator is always running and receiving all notes if the transport is in Play, so you don't have to worry about un-bypassing the arp before playing notes.




Anyway, this is easier to use than it is to explain! Just press play in this example and creep up your mod wheel.


Have fun poly AT junkies.



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