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Loud pop sound - no output

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Ok, so maybe this is a common issue, but I've searched everywhere and couldn't find an actual solution, only people reporting the same problem. Some of you may already know it: all of a sudden, there's a LOUD pop / click sound, and no audio output at all.


I didn't post it in the "Logic" forum because, even though it's where it happened the most, it's not the only place it does. It's kinda random, and luckily, I don't get them very often. Maybe it's because I tend to stick to plugins which never gave me them? lol


Some of the situations where I've experienced this: Rob Papen's Albino 3 (worked fine for a while, until I was changing the preset and POP), AudioRealism ABL Pro, and even when trying to open a mp3 of a song a friend of mine wanted me to remix - it worked fine for her, but it wouldn't open here, and when I tried to open in iTunes, POP.


It's scary as hell, especially if you're using headphones. After months without, I experienced it this afternoon (some minutes ago, actually): I opened a channel strip setting in Logic which used to work perfectly, and right after it loaded, POP - no output. I closed Logic, and everything was fine, until I started to listen something on YouTube, and noticed the audio was weird. I opened iTunes, and there was no output on the left speaker - the right one was fine, but nothing on the other one. Seconds later, I pressed one of the "volume" buttons on the keyboard, and another pop, even louder this time. No matter whether I tried to increase or decrease the volume, the pop would be equally louder, except if it was set to mute.


I restarted the computer, and everything seems fine now. Does anyone anything about it? A solution, a way to avoid it, what exactly it is?


Many thanks in advance!


EDIT - I'm not sure what tech specs are needed to put, so here are some: OS X 10.6.2, 2.8 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo, 4GB 800 MHz DDR2 SDRAM, Logic Pro 9.0.0 (is it... old? lol). Anything else?

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yes! thank you i was having this same problem too using albino 3. i had tried just about everything else, it was driving me crazy. Turns out i just had too many instances of albino running simultaneously (i have serious workflow problems). wasn't an issue of compatibility though for me because it runs smoothly in every other project.
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