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How do I get my microphone to work with Logic?

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I or do I need to go through my keyboard?

Yes, although not in the way you're thinking. Cut the cable right at the base of the mic. You won't be needing it. Open Quicktime for a new video recording. Point the Mac's built-in camera and mic at your keyboard. Hit record. Find a 10d (ten-penny) nail and grasp it firmly between your thumb and index finger. Place the point of the nail at different strategic places on your keyboard while vigorously bashing the head of the nail with the F-V100 microphone. When satisfied that you have enough sounds, and when you feel that you've finally released all that passive festering aggression that's been bottling up ever since your parents refused to get you that BB gun for Christmas when you were 9, and Alice Sudburry broke up with you when you were 15 and never told you why, then hit stop in Quicktime. Save the new movie file as "How to get a Good Sound from the Sony F-V100 Microphone.mov" and upload to YouTube. Post the link in this thread.

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OK, all kidding aside...


This is ridiculous...


Don't you have a manual for your computer? Why are you taking up bandwidth here for people to spoonfeed you information? Are you just too lazy to crack the manual on your own, or do a google search?


Jesus H!



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