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L9+MacBook: What hardware do I need to get things working?

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You don't need any hardware to get started. Logic 9 works right out of the box with any Mac computer.


However, depending on what kind of music production you intend to do you may want to add additional hardware/software to your setup. For example, for professional quality audio recordings, you'd want to purchase an audio interface, and maybe a quality microphone or two (depending on the instrument(s)), and also treat the room's acoustic to avoid nasty resonances.


You also have to think of a monitoring system, either headphone or monitors (preferable) depending on your environment and budget.


So to give more specific details we'll need to know a bit more about you: What genre of music are you going to produce? How are you going to produce it? Are you going to record live acoustic instruments? Several at a time? How many and which ones?



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Hi David, I have pretty much the same question as above. I have recently converted to using Logic instead of Ableton and was wondering on what specific hardware to look at. I will be producing tech-house/deep-house kind of more keyed towards the underground scene so I'll be looking to create every sound individualy as opposed to using the logic presets. I have been djing for about 4 years now and have an audio interface called Native Instruments Audio 8 DJ, im imagining it would not be the same kind of interface required for using logic but would you be able to confirm and perhaps list some interface options. I'll be mainly using VST's and effects etc not very many live instruments but perhaps the occaisonal audio recording through microphone for sampling etc. What kind of keyboards, midi controllers effects units would I need and which would you recommend if any? I am putting my full concetration on to working with logic and producing tracks so money is not a concern, (obviously within reason, 10 g's for a keyboard is a little too steep at the moment :lol: ) would be grateful if you could shed any light at all on my questions :) thanks in advance for reading all this, hope to hear from you soon..
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