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Logic not loading properly


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Right, I recently did a recording using Logic at uni. All was well, and everything was working fine. When I took it home on a memory stick to do a rough mix at home the folder with all the audio and logic project file was empty!

So, I went back to uni today armed with another memory stick in case my old one was broken, loaded it up and no problem. Again, I saved it onto a memory stick and now when I try to load the track up I'm getting messages such as:


The file “U87 Vocal#36.aif” is not recognized by Logic.

Please ensure that the file properties are correct and that it is a supported file type.




Audio file with invalid header data found!

File name:U87 Vocal#37.aif

Path:/Users/chris/Desktop/ohyeah/Audio Files




14 invalid region(s) changed!


And finally:


Logic Pro found 14 audio file(s) in 8 bit format.

This format is unsupported and cannot be played back.


...8 bit??!??!? I don't think so!


The arrange window loads with only a few of the audio tracks working, and some are in the wrong place, others have been cut short.


It's crazy, since everything works fine at uni, and a couple of fellow students have taken the same logic file home without any problem, so I don't get it!


Needless to say this is incredibly frustrating, so any light shed on the matter would be fantastic...





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Did you format your USB stick to Mac OS X extended? Logic doesn't play nice with volumes that are not formatted Mac OS X extended. You can easily format your USB stick on any mac using /Applications/Utilities/Disk Utility - but formatting means erasing all the content on that volume so make sure you take the necessary precautions first.
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