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Monitor questions

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i jut got a new pair of monitors and was wondering how people like to use them. The last pair I had was very bottom of the barrel, and they plugged into the headphone put on my mac. did the job, and if i wanted to hear what the song sounded like with headphones, I just plugged them into the front of the monitors.


so today I got another pair of better (but still low end-ish) monitors: M-Audio Studiophile BX5a Deluxe Active Monitors. I was thinking that I would plug them into my M-box and just leave it plugged in.


if i want to listen to what I have done on headphones, will I need to unplug the speakers from the m-box each time? what If i want to use a different interface?


does anyone have any experience with plugging the interface into a USB hub to save ports on my laptop? I have this vision of something that has my keyboard, m-box and podfarm toneport all plugged into it. if i want to monitor through phones, I would plug them into this mythical super USB thing.


anyone have any fabulous ideas that I haven't thought of?


does anyone use anything in particular when mixing for systems that have no low end? or would I be safe just purchasing some crappy old speakers and disconnecting woofer?


sorry if this post is rambling; i am about to set everything up again in a permanent spot and want to think out the options first. any and all help/opinions are welcome. thanks in advance.

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