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Recording MIDI Tracks with a Roland TD-6V drum set

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Hi All,


I am having the following problem. I want to record a performance as I play the drums on my Roland TD-6V electronic drumset (DS). The DS is connected to my Mac MINI by means of a Tascam FW-1884. In other words, the MIDI IN and OUT on the TD-6V are connected to the MIDI OUT and IN on the FW1884. The FW1884 is then connected to the Mac MINI via firewire.


Everything is fine until here. I can actually record the performance, but what I can not do is play it back properly using the TD6V sounds. I can copy paste the track into an internal drumset patch track in logic, but if I want to maintain the MIDI connection and use the sounds on the drumset, hell break loose. First of all, the volumes on a per note basis are all messed up.


1. The drum set can not be heard, although I could hear it when I was recording it. It matters not that I increase sensitivity and level, the bass drum is washed out.

2. Notes that are played at the same time (per example a Hi Hat and snare hit) are masked. Either you hear the snare, or the Hi Hat, but not both.


I do not remember having this issue when I was using Crapwalk (I am sorry, cakewalk) on my PC.


What I wonder is:


1. Is this a problem related to the MIDI controller on the FW1884

2. or is it a problem with Logic?

3. Could this be related to any settings on the drum set?


I realize this is a question not everybody deals with, but if anybody can offer a pointer as to what should I try next, that would be great! Thanks!


Best regards,



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I take it you're recording to an External Instrument track.


Is Local on for the TD-6? If so, then you might be getting simultaneous double strokes during your performance, causing the playback to seem quieter in comparison.


Or, the new drum brain might be doing something with Volume Continuous Controller messages on different MIDI channels, and in order for things to work properly, you need to have those Volume CCs recorded on the drum track, yet kept on their proper MIDI channels and sent accordingly to the external sound module. Logic is absolutely $@%##ing brain-dead and useless with Volume and Pan MIDI CCs, in which case it is definitely Logic's fault. There may be a workaround, but I don't recall what it is. :?


It could also be something different that I haven't considered, that is not Logic's fault.

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Could be the drum kit. I have a Yamaha DTxpress IV and the MIDI is only used for samples. So I can't actually record from MIDI, Basically just for importing samples I guess. I've had to resort to recording the drums 5 or 6 times and only keeping one instrument plugged into the brain at a time to isolate the tracks. Time consuming but it works.
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