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Vienna Ensamble Pro 64 bit on original Mac Pro?


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I'll start by saying I'm a bit confused about the whole 64bit thing. I've read about the 64 bit Kernal vs. the 64 bit App. My question is this. I'm thinking about buying Vienna Ensemble Pro to allow me access more of the Ram in my Mac Pro and to use some slave machines to offload some of the demands of my main machine. If I have the original 2.66 Mac Pro, can i run the 64 bit version of VE Pro? Since my main reason for purchasing would be to use this with Logic allowing me to run more VST's outside Logic and access more RAM, I want to make sure i'll be able to access more then the 4GB limit of the 32 bit version.


I'd also love any suggestions on if this is a good idea or not. Basically, I'd be easier for me to max out my RAM then to look at upgrading my machine and I'm trying to find the best way to maximize what i have. Thanks!


Orignal Mac Pro 2.66

16GB Ram

Snow Leopard

Logic Pro 9.02

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not sure what you mean by original MacPro, I assume you refer to the Harpertown quad core, would that be correct?


I see no problem in doing what you described with VePro. Although I am on the Nehalem, your "original" MacPro iwill do that just fine.


However, keep a few things in mind.


The way it works, is that you start VEPro server, and this comes in two flavours, 32 and 64 bit. Afterwards you can connect the server and plug the Client into an instrument track, sounds complicated but is childsplay.


Only a handfull of plugins are native 64 bit at the moment, but Vienna Instrument sure is, as well as Spectraonics, Stylus RMX 1.9


So you could load them into your 64 bit VePro and adress probably around 3.2 Gig only using minimal ressrouces from Logic.


Next, you could load, for example Omnisohere and Trilian, which are at the moment 32bit into your 32bit server, and connect to another instrument track in Logic, again, having additional 3.2-3.5 gig available.


That is already a whopping 7 Gig of intsruments before taxing logic. However, from within VePro, plugin automation will not work, not yet!


Last but not least, there is a demo version of VePro on the VSL site, I suggest you give it a shot. In my world this little app is just brilliant! Love it!

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