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Need helpwith audio interface upgrade

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Hi, I have an aluminum 2 Gig Duo Core IMAC with the Lucent FW chipset and I have been running an old USB 1.0 lexicon Omega mostly for mixdowns of imported files using Logic 8. The old interface performs quite well but I now need to record 8 tracks at a time and do overdubs. I am looking at a FW interface with built-in preamps. The Moto 8 pre seems nice but the Focusrite Liquid56 has an appealing set of features and then there is Apogee ensemble and RME FF800. With my hardware I'm wondering if FW is actually going to work better than USB 2.0 ( Lexicon I-Onix) I do need zero latency monitoring ( or as close as possible) and these interfaces offer their own monitor mix solutions. Any suggestions? my budget is low and I'd like to stay under a grand if I can. Thanks for the help.


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