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Holiday Sales

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If anyone knows of any holiday (i.e., Black Friday) specials on plug-ins, hardware, or other software, let me know. I was sent the following from Native Instruments:







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I also received the email announcement from Native Instruments. Any recommendations on which of these would be best for producing electronic dance music tracks?


I have in my notes from attending some various workshops that Battery and Kontakt were two of the best, but they aren't offered on special. I noticed there's an upgrade offer for Komplete 6 for $339, available to registered users of Reaktor 5 until 12/31/09. With Reaktor 5 available for $99 until 11/30, seems the best deal might be to get Reaktor 5 and then upgrade to Komplete 6 by end of year? If my math is right, that would be over $100 less than Komplete 6 by itself...and although the Reaktor 5 special is only for the digital download version, it appears that the boxed version of Komplete 6 upgrade would be same price as the digital version, with free shipping (well, $31 extra for tax here in California, but I assume all the manuals would cost more than that if ordered separately). hmmm...I won't be hitting the malls for sure this Black Friday!

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I seriously considered getting those, but...


* That silly SW iLok registration will just complicate my life when I have a blast moving projects between a studio setup, a laptop, or any Mac that's around.

* XILS-LE has no future releases, so if 10.7 arrives and it's dead, that's it.


There's something nice about simplifying the setup. As for tube emulation, Logic has plenty of tools. And with VintageWarmer I think I have it covered.

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Thanks for the heads-up on the xils synth. All I can say is, "wow!!!!" I've always wanted a VCS. And now, for $20 I'm in absolute analog heaven. Thanks very much for making my night!






Slightly OT but if that's the case ski have you considered Urs Heckman's ACE? You may find this even more heavenly and Urs has an excellent upgrade policy.

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Thanks for that.


I haven't been shopping for analog synth plugs lately because the focus of my music has changed. Heck, I even sold my vintage (hardware) synth collection recently because they were just sitting here gathering dust. But... when I saw that plugin for twenty bucks I couldn't resist!


Still, I'm an analog junkie at heart and ya never know when I'll want a new toy. So I'm going to the ACE page... right now. :D



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XILS-LE has no future releases, so if 10.7 arrives and it's dead, that's it.


Not entirely true. I did read that they are allowing an update for $99 to the full version.


Any of you that like the Arturia Plugins you should seriously take a look at this plugin, it really sounds very musical, I LOVE it!


I'm going to take the update to the full version when it becomes available.


Take a listen to some of what it can do here:




IMO this is groundbreaking quality in soft synths.

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