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MOTU MIDI Interface recomendations?

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I am in the need for an 8x8 MIDI Interface and possibly two of them chained, to connect my hardware synths and samplers.


Any legacy hardware synth players using the MIDI Express 128 from MOTU? How is the software routing and ease of use.


I am asking as I am coming from my Atari ST/Logic and JL Cooper MSB+ to switch my MIDI assignments. The JL Cooper is stored right now, and even so it would probably not interface well with the newer Logic running on my Mac, at least it would be just as cryptic as ever, the 2 LED number display was never fun to use without having a manual near by.


I don't want to get rid of my hardware synths/samplers, as I prefer to use them over most of the virtual instruments, though I do use some NI stuff and of course Logic V instruments.


Just thought a few of you may have some experience using the new MOTU interfaces and haw easily they work - how good the software interface program/control panel works, etc.


Thanks in advance for any guidance.

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