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Is there a way to bounce every single project folder at once


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I'd like to bounce every project in my Logic/Music folder (where all my projects are stored). But I'd like to do it without opening each one, hitting bounce, closing, etc. Is there some way to automate this?


Thanks in advance!

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What if I program a robot to sit at my keyboard, open each project, bounce, it, close it, and open the next one?


























In all seriousness, thanks for the direct and quick reply. I need to start bouncing things when I close them as a habit.

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I had thought about Automator... If it were able to do this...


• open a project in the Logic folder (let's say the one with the oldest modification date goes first)

• wait for all the relevant samples (etc.) to load

• turn off the cycle function (if it were left on)

• set the appropriate left and right limits for each song's length

• perform the Bounce command

• in the dialog box, select the appropriate file type/sample rate/etc. (assuming you don't want the default)

• hit the bounce button in the dialog box

• wait for the bounce to complete

• close the project (without saving?)

(and repeat until there are no more projects)




...then it could probably work, in theory.


I think that by the time you set that up (if it were even possible) you could probably do the whole thing faster yourself manually. :)

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