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How do i create this side chain effect like this in LP8?


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Hi Kids


I have been wathing some you tubers on trance prodcution. I am more than familiar with creating the 'ducking' effect with sidechain compression, however, can someone tell me if this is possible in LP?


Probably easiest if you watch the video that i was watching, but basically he is sending midi to an Audio track, slamming a reverb and a compressor, then another compressor which is sidechained back to the original midi track.



Is is possible to route the audio like this in LP? I have tried sending the midi channel to a bus, then making the audio in on a audio track from that bus, but its not working how i anticipated.


IF you skip to 1.10 in the video you will see how he is routing the audio.


Any help massively appreciated.

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1. Send the kick to a bus, and make sure the send is level up by dragging the circle up or by Option+clicking to unity.

2. Change the output of the bus to No Output.

3. Put a compressor on the track you want sidechained.

4. In the top right corner of the compressor where it says Sidechain, change that to the bus you just added.

5. Adjust threshold, attack, and release, to taste.

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Hi There Chrishansoon


I appreciate the reply, but i don't think that is the correct answer. I'm aware of the way you suggested, but your just taking the kick wave as the sidechain signal.


In the video he is actually taking the rhythm of the Midi channel and side chaining that onto itself. Its not side chaining from a kick audio (or bus) but from the midi channel directly. It created a great sucking effect. The only way i can think of doing it in LP is by bouncing that rythem to Audio and then importing it in to an audio track and side chaining to that track on the compressor. Hopefully there is a work around like ableton can handle it.

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Hi dave


thanks a bundle for the reply. So i did exatly that, but when i set that compressor and setup the sidechain to be that bus, all audio drops. Do i leave the bus output as blank, or should i send it to be master out. Even when i send it to master out i cant hear the pumping.



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Hey Dave


I think i found out what was going on. And i just taught myself something, correct me if im wrong. But, you cant send audio backwards from a higher bus to a lower bus (if that makes sense)


I submix everything! Pads Leads Bass etc. I then send all those submixes to a final Mix bus before it heads to output 1-2 (i do this so i can reference against other finished tracks) I put all my limiters and final compression on the MIX bus and leave Output 1-2 blank (no eq, compression etc) So if im referencing against a finished track i send that finished track straight to output 1-2 - it gives me a clear reference then and i can just solo change between the MIX bus and The Output really quickly.


So, my synth i was sending to Bus 50, I then routed that Aux which had input bus 50 to my MIX bus (bus 44) - not output 1-2. Thats when the problem occured.


If i change the synth bus to something lower than 44 it routes fine into the submix bus 44 and i can hear the sidechain fine.


Its probably common, signal flow. I thought you could just bus whatever wherever. Obv i was wrong.

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