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question about installing logic on new snow leopard drive


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i have been putting together a test system on an external drive to put snow leopard through it's paces before copying it over my existing system drive


initially i had os tiger and logic 7


this time , however i started the fresh install from leopard and then installed snow leopard on top of that


the leopard install disc doesn't come with all the extras that were on the tiger disc..no comic life, iphoto etc...but most importantly , no garageband


so i'm confused what to do now......


do i install garageband from the tiger 2nd disc???? or are all these garageband instruments and samples to be found in logic 8 and 9


i will install logic 7 for compatiility with a collaborator still stuck in the dark ages (luckily i still have my dongle)....


then what...?? logic 8....i wouldn't mind having 8 on my system in case i work with someone without 9......


in all this long-arsed nonsense what i need to know is


- do i need to install g'band just for the content or is this mirrored 100% in the other logic versions


- can i just load the bare essentials of logic 8 (not all the discs) and just load the entire logic 9 set to give me all the jam packs , instruments etc ??


any help would be great :)

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okay, so nothing is missing in the newer content in terms of garageband stuff..that's cool


i seemed to remember issues with logic 8 that i had to reinstall garageband to solve missing 'hybrid mor' data or something similar...the advice always seemed to be to reinstall garageband once the install of 8 was complete (or that's how i remember it)

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