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Mixer in Logic Pro


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I am new to these forums and to Logic.


I have a question, probably a stupid one, but one that needs answering. I am editing some sounds I have recorded to go to a movie.

I chose the Music for Picture template.


My problem is I want to change the sound setting of each individual audio track but when I click Audio 1 and drag the audio slider down, the 8 other tracks go down as well.

Do I need to change the volume in the Mixer or in the Sample Editor?


I want to know how I can individually adjust the sound settings for each track in the mixer, rather than them all going down together.


Thank you to those that can help and sorry for asking a stupid question.

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Sounds like you either have all the tracks selected or you have them grouped, im not in front of my logic machine right now, so i would do a search for track grouping in google or the help menu, you should be able to adjust each track individually for pretty much any parameter, i would normally do this in the mixer, not the sample editor, welcome to the forums!


Maybe try another template as well.

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