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Logic 9 audio settings


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I have just installed Logic 9. Following issue occurs:

Long delays fade out in cracks and noise. Pre-listening sounds in the library gives noise.


I'm running on a iMAc 2,66Ghz intel duo core, 2Gig ram OSX 10,5,8 and with a firewire Edirol FA66 audio interface.


What do I need to adjust to get this working in order? I'm total noob in this.


On the back of my audio interface I have a switch between sample rate 192 96 48 or 44,1. What setting is most suitable?


And in Logic audio's preferences how do I define the buffer size? Is adjusting this even the right way to resolve this issue?


help will be very appreciated

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don't know if this'll help or not but make sure you have the correct updated drivers for your interface. if you just got your interface it may have shipped with an out of date driver...you need to always check for updated software on equipment you buy.


also go in audio prefs and set your i/o buffer to a larger number (256 & higher) and see if that works in case for some reason its on something low like 32. the process buffer range should be ok at medium. i can go 64 samples on my system but 32 won't make it....crackles and pops


also if you have a brand new system use your software updater and make sure you have all the apple updates for logic and your os

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