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Changing chords and keys while importing loops


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I'm working on Mac OS X 10.5.1.

I'm also working with Logic Express 8.0.2


I'm working with importing looped files from the library into the audio track region. I have several questions.


1. every time I import a loop--it defaults to the key of the song--which always defaults to "C". How do i change the key of the song?


2. I see how I can listen to the loop before importing and change the key, but once I import, it again defaults to the key of the song. How do I change the key of the loop?


3. I want a looped track to be able to change chords in the song--i.e. a 1-4-5 blues tune. How do I make the file change to the four chord?

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We like details of your system in your signature. Check out #5 in this thread: READ ME before posting - Forum Guidelines


I will also point out that I've never worked with Express before, so I don't know if these features are available. I would be shocked if it didn't let you choose the key you're in though.


1. Default key of the song:


2. Listen before importing:

Setting the signature in the Lists area should take care of your whole project, and any other loops you import.


3. Changing the chords:

You could dabble with Transposing. You will see it in the Inspector area, about partially down the first block.


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You can also set it in Global Tracks>Signature, or in Score edit too.

Ditto for key changes.

There is a Chord track in Global (which you need to activate under Configure Global Tracks,but not sure how reliably that works these days.

Read there were some problems,but can't remember whether that was in 8 or 9.

(Don't use it myself).

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There is a Chord track in Global (which you need to activate under Configure Global Tracks,but not sure how reliably that works these days.


I use it a lot and I find that it works pretty well. Although it does a few things that are inconsistent and surprising. Some of those details were discussed in another thread here.

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I don't know if this will help, but several of these posts have left me confused, so, for my fellow idiots who are more music than technology...


To transpose loops within a song->


Go to 'configure global tracks' (ctrl-click global tracks), and show the 'Chord' track.


Add your loops now, or later... it doesn't matter.


From here on, just for this post - CHORD and KEY mean the same thing. The CHORDS you add will change the KEY of loops.


In the Chord track press ESC and select the pencil tool. Go to where you want the key change. Click. Select the chord from the pop-up (and any modifiers [like add7th])


Play back. Where the Chord change has been made, the loop-key will change! If you want to look, you can add the transpose track in Global Tracks, and you will see a transposition has been made in each place a chord change has been made.


You can move chord changes and edit them using erase etc.


IMPORTANT:- the chord change will change any midi you have ALREADY PLAYED-in too, so if you played everything in 'C', it will now follow the Chord/Key changes. However, the chord changes won't affect new recordings, so you'll have to 'follow' the key changes 'manually' (in other words, you need to actually be able to play!)


I know this is basically what everyone else said, just without the jargon and extras for us newbies.

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