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Kontakt 4 and Logic 8 - samples reloading


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Every once in a while, when editing notes in the Piano Roll, Kontakt will spontaneously reload all samples. A dialog box comes up "Resolving Sample References" and then they all - gigabytes worth of them - reload on their own.


It totally stops the work while I wait for the samples to come back in.

Has anyone seen this, or a solution?

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The only time I had that happen, in the way you describe.. out of the blue for no real reason.... was when I had an issue with my audio interface. Every time the interface glitched, Kontakt would have to reload everything, which became real old.. real soon. In my case finally getting rid of my M-Audio piece of crud.. and buying a Motu, resolved that issue (plus a whole host of others I had been having..) and I haven't seen it since.


Given you have a Duet, I wouldn't have thought it would be a hardware/driver issue like mine was, but you never know.


One last thought.. You might want to read through this...




If you haven't already....... because the other thing I did at the time i replaced my interface was do a clean install of my iMac.. with fresh installs of all audio software. It is possible the issue indicted in that link, was really responsible and doing a fresh install of all my NI software fixed that.

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