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Audio Slicing/Stuttering


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Stuttering: use the marquee tool to select the beginning of a region, then option-drag to the left to make a copy and either loop it, repeat it or coy it as desired. You might want to put all those copies on a duplicate track if there's no space on the original track, or if you want specific plug-in effects on the stuttering.


Gating: use Option-scissors to slice a region in multiple slices, then resize all the slices at once by dragging the lower right corner of one of them toward the left to create gaps in between the slices.

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Well its easy enough with 16th notes but getting an even 32 is a problem as zooming in that far in Logic stops any kind of real viewing control. Is there some kind of preset slicer that could just slice beats into the designated note length ?


No. But if you set your division setting (Transport bar, right under the tempo setting) to 1/32, you'll change the grid resolution and the scissors will snap to the grid.

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what david is suggesting is of course, correct...but this kind of stuttering can feel very mechanical, unless you go to great lengths to play around with the sections...but it might be all you need..


another way to do this with a different workflow and with different results would be to convert your audio region to sampler track..this feature is only in logic 9, though it functions the same as 'recycle' or 'phatmatik pro' in that it cuts up your audio into sections and then maps it along your keyboard...at this stage, you have more flexibility in terms of tuning/detuning samples and an easier, more elegant way of routing different hits to different channels...then chose your next stage.....logic's 'hyper editor' is great for mixing up beat divisions and also great for drawing in velocity curves that will add variety for the hits


but for me , the more interesting stutters are part stutter/part glitch....they are the product of granular type manipulations and buffer mangling...they can be used to great effect on stutters to give them a more accidental type of feel


i have just managed to get hold of reaktor, though still haven't had time to use it...it has many modules that are designed with this kinda thing in mind, but i have some plugs that i have used till now that are really good for adding a little spice to your glitches and gates


i always love a bit of camel audio's camelspace for the trancegate but that is a paid plug also


here are some great freebies to try :


http://destroyfx.smartelectronix.com/audiounits.html ...(scroll down till you find 'buffer override'....great fun...turntablist, further down, is also one to grab


http://bram.smartelectronix.com/plugins.php?id=6 ..super trigga' at the top...grab the UB....this is also great...play around with the divisions...the 'randomise' and 'repeat' are really great...the 'reverse' and 'slowdown' can easily be overdone


http://mdsp.smartelectronix.com/livecut/ ...this one is quite a beast....haven't tried it in a while..pretty sure you have to have the daw playing for it to work


here is a suite of plugins that will give you a diffferent flavour..... http://www.michaelnorris.info/soundmagicspectral/index.html ......


and, lastly..... http://www.araldfx.com/sg1/ ...they have a paid version which has 3 independent gaters , but this freebie is a fantastic little tool...go to the d'loads page to check it out





with the exception of stormgate, most of these offer results based on randomisation...of course each time you play the intended track, it will be different...a good workflow to capture some great happy accidents is to loop the audio for a decent period recording the output to another track.....record for however long you like (or until your hard drive space is gone), tweaking here and there....then you can go back to stage one and chop out the sections you want and slip them between your other more static repeats to throw in some nice sonic curveballs


have fun

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