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Can't monitor recording through onboard audio


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I'm using Logic Pro 8.0.2 and with Garageband I had no problem selecting which Input/Output I wanted to use. I want to monitor the processed recording, of real instruments, through the computers onboard audio (Headphones/Stereo Receiver) and not my audio interface (Alesis io 14 Firewire). The output from the audio interface reveals too much hum compared to the final recording and it seems logical to want to monitor the music as far down the chain as possible. I've tried the aggregated device but still can't get a separate output.
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it seems logical to want to monitor the music as far down the chain as possible


That is logical. It's generally a good idea to have fewer links in the chain. But in this particular instance, you don't really accomplish having fewer links by monitoring through the Mac's headphone jack. Why? Because inside the computer is a circuit that converts the digital audio into analog, and that circuit is essentially the equivalent of what your external device (Alesis) does. So by monitoring via the Mac headphone jack, you don't really have fewer devices in the chain. You really have the same number of devices. It's just that one of those devices is inside your Mac, where you can't see it.


Also, for critical listening you might get better sound quality if you are using a high-quality external sound card, as compared with listening via the Mac headphone jack. On the other hand, I think the Mac's internal sound card is pretty darn good, and I think most people probably won't hear a difference, under most circumstances.


The output from the audio interface reveals too much hum compared to the final recording


Even though your Alesis is not a terribly expensive device, I think it should introduce little or no hum. So I think there's something wrong. You should be able to get it work for you without introducing noticeable hum. I wonder if you're using current drivers.

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Thanks for taking the time '45rpm', yeah I have wanted to get a sound card but all the PCIe (internal, I've got a Mac Pro) cards are pretty expensive, well last time I checked they were. But anyway, if anyone cares I figured it out and I want to explain if someone else out there is having the same problem and are stuck having searched several forums with no mention of the 'simple thing' I discovered that I was overlooking.

No one said anything about the 'stream' and 'output' sections. Im assuming the 14 inputs/outputs on my audio interface were taking up several channels?? so the speakers were set to a stream/channel that the Alesis (AI) was already using. In Audio/MIDI Setup choose configure speakers and select a different stream; I just selected Stream 3, Ch. 11-12, the numbers should select automatically.

And then in Logic where the output button is, off to the left where the I/O section is... click and hold till the menu comes up, move down to outputs, and select the correct one.

Not sure how the headphone got set to CH. 9-10 but they both work and recording/playback is good. Hope this helps someone who might be on the verge of losing it, I know I was. If it needs further explaining just ask.

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