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external firewire hard drive recommendation?

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My Maxtor "One Touch 3" external drive just died. I liked this drive because it has USB 2.0, FW400, and FW800. Unfortunately, it was always a little too noisy for me. Also, this is the 2nd Maxtor drive I have owned which has died in under two years.


SO I'm in the market for a new drive, and I don't trust Maxtor any more. I would prefer to get one with at least FW400 and FW800, although I guess I really only NEED FW800. I need at least 500 Gb, and I would like one that is pretty quiet (although I don't necessarily need it to be 100% silent.)


Any recommendations that meet these specs?

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my external lacie is 3 weeks away from its 3rd birthday..it has taken quite a few flights with me in that time....solid, hunk of drive


i've heard bad stories about most drives....but they do a really tough job in the scheme of things.....things do have a chance of going wrong..in fact i think it's more a case of when a drive will die , than if....SSD drives might change the balance of that equation and soon the prices will start looking a bit more reasonable


i would be inclined to go with an enclosure next time...owc do great little 2.5 drive cases...i think they are called 'on the go', maybe....


they have triple or even quadruple (sata, usb, fw400/800)...i would feel a lot happier just swapping out the drive for another in the same enclosure if it failed or just as and when i wanted to pop in an alternative drive


but just remember to back up....hard drive space is so much cheaper these days, so if you have backups, drive failures won't be such a drama

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