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Reset the automatic numering of regions


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Is there any way to reset the automatic numbering of files and regions when recording?


I use a copy of an old project with all old files deleted. Logic seems to remember the numbering of these files. So now when I'm recording the numbering of recordings are out of sync between tracks.

Like this:

Track01: RME1#12

Track02: RME2#37

Track03: RME3#11


I want it to be:

Track01: RME1#12

Track02: RME2#12

Track03: RME3#12


I even tried to make a template out of the project but it still keeps track of the original numbering offsets from the old and deleted files/regions.

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Why do you care, actually ? This is one sort of thing where you can waste endless amounts of time/energy instead of making music.


Try creating a new empty Project and import everything via Selective Track Import. Might work, might as well not. See above.




I suspected someone would give me this answer. Like you know this is something I don't need to do. How can you know that?


The big question is why you are wasting both my time and yours when you can't answer the question.


And if you really wonder why I do care (I suspect you don't) and why I want to "waste my time" doing stuff like this I can tell you it's extremely important to keep track of takes when recording classical music that is going to be heavily edited. Since I'm going to edit multiple tracks things could be really messy if indices are out of sync.

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I want to know why you care and you suspect I don't ? Dude, your logic is messed up.


Did you actually try my suggestion before so generously writing me off, smartypants ?




No, I didn't try that. I haven't installed Logic 9 yet, it's a lot of work anyhow (for a project many tracks and some other intricate settings) and you don't even know if it works.


I'm terribly sorry you feel I was writing you off. After all, your answer was full of qualified information, very nice and friendly in every way, especially the closing "see above".


Interestingly, your second answer further implies that you relly haven't got a clue in which way I'm planning to work with the material. And o surprise because I never said anything about that. That had nothing to do with the initial question really.


All I wan't to know if if it's possible to reset the automatic region/file indexing.

Guess not.

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Say you have 5 regions in the track. Select all 5. Using the text tool, click the first one. Rename it "Region 1". The remaining regions will now be named consecutively Region 2, 3, 4 and 5. Hope that helps.


"Mr." Poopypants


OK, that's interesting. Not an answer to my initial question but very useful in case file indices do get messed up. I see it works vertically also if that's needed. Can't see a way to convert the name of the underlying audiofiles though, other than exporting them.

Quite handy anyhow, thanks!

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