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Macros in Logic 9 ?


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When you say "tracks"... I think you mean regions. If you want to sort of "batch convert" multiple audio regions that live on a track, then no, you can't do that en masse. If you have a lot of that kind of work to do, consider setting up key commands to the remove-DC-offset function for the currently displayed region in the sample editor.


However, various region-based parameter settings such as gain, crossfade, delay, etc. can be made to affect multiple regions across multiple tracks. Just select all of the regions and make the desired change in the parameters box.

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No, I'm afraid not.


One thing tho... if you've done, say, three takes of vocals and you comped them to form one vocal, you wouldn't have to perform the DC offset removal on every individual region from your comp. All you'd have to do is three operations to remove DC from the entire comp:


Go to the audio bin and 2-click on any region associated with vocal #1. That opens the sample editor. IThen hit CMD-A and it will select the entire recording. Perform your DC offset removal on that. Now all the snippets of vocal #1 that you used will be sans DC. Do the same with the other two vocal takes. So now you've reduced what could be dozens of individual operations (on all the individual words/lines you selected for your comp'd vocal) down to three operations!


Then just play down the track with the vocal solo'd to ensure that your DC offset removal didn't cause any strangeness at edit points. For the most part, it should be fine. But if some of your edits now pop you can just apply the smallest fade-in to them and you should be good to go.

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