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new to MIDI Logic/MS - making transition for live performanc


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I am brand new to MIDI and Logic/MS but decided to take the plunge and try and figure it out. My objective is to switch from my old heavy keyboards (motif and nord) and instead use 2 axiom 61 controllers, a macbook and logic/mainstage.

I hope to use my new setup for live performance.

To start, let me explain what I was using.

1) top keyboard - yamaha motif (1 stereo output) (synths, clavs, strings, kb sounds, etc..)

2) bottom keyboard - nord stage (2 mono outputs) (one for piano, and one for organ)


Now I have Logic/MS- 2 axiom 61 key controllers, and an m-audio ProFire 610.


I'm kind of confused on where I should begin:


1) Should I be "creating my patches" in Logic or in Mainstage? I am starting from scratch, and as of now am using just the instruments provided in Logic. (Although I am considering getting more VIs in the future) Not only each individual patch, but layers and things like that- should I edit sounds and patches in logic or MS? I figure you can probably do so in both, but I'm sure there is one that would benefit me more in what I'm trying to do.


Thanks so much for your help/advice. I figure most of this stuff I will learn trial and error, but I really do appreciate someone who has the experience to point me in the right direction. Thanks!

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It doesn't really matter what program you do it in, but if you are just starting out in Logic, you should probably get to know Logic and it's instruments first, and that will make the transition to mainstage easier, because you will be coming from a familiar background and know how to work in it. Also, if you want to use some of your Motif and Nord patches, you can record/sample them in Logic and make EXS24 instruments out of them. Hope that helps.
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