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Sending midi data independent of project tempo


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Any help on this would be appreciated. I'm trying to find an environment object that will send out midi notes independent of project tempo, or perhaps play back a region at at an arbitrary tempo without affect the global tempo. Any ideas? Help? Delay line is similar, but still wedded to the project tempo, and the delay plugins don't send resend midi events.


Some background: I'm trying to create a synth as follows: one octave has drum loops, and the rest have fader data settings. I want to be able to control a lot of different settings, so I only want to assign 5 keys to any particular attribute. To be more specific, lets say C3-E3 control the gain on a distortion plugin with C3 being no gain and E3 being full gain. Easy as pie, right?


Here comes the hard part: I also want the ability to have the distortion change smoothly and, here's the clincher, be independent of the global project tempo.


I see two ways to implement this, neither of which is independent of the global project tempo. First, I can have those keys send a chord of appropriate duration of fader data to an arpeggiator. Probably not the best way, here's an alternative: Using a touch track objects, trigger a region of fader data*.


The problem with these approaches is it will get extremely cumbersome to have the option of changing gain slowly or quickly - I'd have to have separate arpeggiators or regions for each length that I could conceivably use.


One imperfect solution: to have the mod wheel affect the parameter, and have the keys trigger which parameter the mod wheel affects. But! I want to be able to affect multiple parameters at once (for example, I might want the cutoff on a low-pass filter on the cymbals to rise over the course of, say, 2 bars, while I'm using the mod wheel for something else).


Another imperfect solution: assign more keys, say an entire octave, to particular parameters - then the jumps will be less noticeable. But I'm lazy and want the computer to do it automatically :) Also, that would limit the # of settings I could have programmed like that.


Anything would be appreciated! I have high hopes for this synth.




* - lets say I'm going from medium-low to medium-high gain. The region would be sent to another transformer that filtered out everything outside of that range, or something. (not a great solution, because it would result in a delay, but that's not a huge deal)

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I'm trying to find an environment object that will send out midi notes independent of project tempo, or perhaps play back a region at at an arbitrary tempo without affect the global tempo. Any ideas? Help?


The delay line can be set in ticks and beats, but beats are just a reflection of the current tempo. So if you know what tempo you want your independent parts to play at you'll have to do some math. There will always be 3840 ticks in a quarter note regardless of tempo, so your calculation to establish your independent tempo would have to be based on the number of milliseconds per tick at Logic's current BPM setting. Moving on...


The delay plugins don't send resend midi events


If repeats is set to 1 or greater it will resend them for sure.


As to the specifics of our environment needs, it's, um, very specific, and, very complicated. So unless there's a willing soul out there who is willing to spend gobs of time trying to make this work for you, it's probably the kind of thing you'd either have to figure out yourself or pay someone to do.


In any event, I hope that my piece on the delay line above will help you get a little further. Good luck!

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Just reading through some more of your post. Suggest you ditch the idea of having keys control distortion amount with the kind of smooth transition function you described. Use modwheel or other controller to make that happen. That's easy. The amount of time you'd spend banging your head against a wall to create a scheme to create smooth transitions between your choice of keys will never pay off in creativity IMO. Having said that, environment programming can be quite an intriguing hobby in and of itself. But still....


I'm gonna pick up on what you said about yourself and don't be so lazy -- use controllers to affect these things and call it a day.


Good luck!

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Thanks ski, you're right - what I wanted wasn't to be able to specifically control the time for changes precisely, but to have a mod wheel or fader control the length - the delay wheel trick accomplishes just that perfectly. Something along the lines of having a low fader value correspond to the delay line being almost instantaneous, and a high fader value corresponding to the delay line being longer, and then I can fine tune the fader when necessary.


In the mean time, I'm just gonna program the faders on the keyboard to control the fader values like a normal person haha.

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Just one thing... you can't control MIDI delay parameters with, well, anything. It's unlike the arpeggiator (which lets you control all kinds of stuff with various MIDI CC's). So you'd have to hard-program them to get the kinds of timings you might want.


The only other solution is to set up a whole slew of delays, all set up to different delay times. Then, your MIDI signal would feed the input of a cable switcher, and each output of the switcher would feed one of those discrete delays. Then you'd cable all of the outputs of all of the delays to a common point (like a monitor, ornament, transformer, etc.) Then you would feed a CC to the cable switcher's input also, and use that CC to switch the cable switcher's outputs. In other words, it will get messy... :mrgreen:

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