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synching a drum track to a time grid in 7


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I recently tracked a song. The drums are sounding good, but the time fluctuates a bit much. I know logic can solve this problem, but I am having a difficult time figuring out the process of locking the track into a time grid.


I am running logic 7 on a G5 dual processor.


Thanks, any help appreciated.

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I'm unsure if this feature exists in 7, but the way to do that is called Beat Mapping. If 7 does have it, I imagine it would be in the same place as 8 and 9, under Global Tracks... after it's been enabled by View > Configure Global Tracks > Beat Mapping. Then select the source file to detect transients, then just map out where it all is.

..If it's in 7 that is.


On second thought, this is making the grid follow your drums, so the grid will slow and speed with the playing. Perhaps if you lock it in place with the grid, you can then change tempos where they fluctuate and have them match closer.

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This is a bit of work, but it kind of mimics what flex does in LP9. It's easier to do it a few bars at a time. Using Strip Silence, chop the beats up cleanly into their own regions. Doesn't have to be too perfect, but get it close. Inspect each region in turn in the sample editor and adjust the region anchor to the beat. In the Event list, quantize the regions to the division that makes sense based on how you chopped it up. If some of the regions end up a little short, you can option-resize them to stretch them out a bit. Sometimes a little region fade-out helps a bit too.

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In L7 era I used to do it manually: zoom in, cut at transient position, zoom out, zoom in on the next attack, cut, zoom out, etc. Then quantize all audio regions in the Event List, and apply batch crossfades on the regions in the Arrange area, and merge.


Another workflow was described by David Pye there:


Multitrack Drum Quantize Workflow

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