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how to build a certain button

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I am trying to build a scale recognizer that has different buttons that push down if certain notes are pushed. I have developed a signal path in the environment that can interpret and recognize the incoming notes, but does not quite do what I want. I want a button to push down and stay down if a certain controller message is received no matter how many times it comes in. How do I set the note on note off messages? I want it to filter out all note off messages. If anyone knows of an environment here that does this that I can pull apart to examine that would be great.
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thanks that worked great...


is there a way to create a button that will only push down if a d note and c note are both present... I am trying to think of a way, but nothing is coming to mind... if I can create these if statements then it opens a lot of options... any thoughts would be appreciated...


I have created one that pushes while one note is present, but I am unsure how to set up one with more than one variable...


thanks again



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