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Newbie / Logic Pro 8 - Apogee Duet - External Effect


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Hello All,


I recently finished some electro-style songs and I'm now willing to add some external effects to some of the tracks (bass, drums mostly) to add some more grain, presence, and a bit of life effects in it...


I'm using Logic Pro 8 and an Apogee Duet as my soundcard.


The idea is this one,

Playback of the whole song (8 or 9 tracks) with adding effect ( for exemple guitar effect) on only one of the tracks of the song ( au instrument bassline for e.)

and recording back live this 'wet' part onto an audio track in the song.


I guess from reading the forums here that it should be possible, probably with the I/O option.


Any help and ideas appreciated, on how to make it happen ,I can't really figure it out,



: )

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I assume you have an external effects unit that you are plugging into the duet?


If so, set the output of the track you want to re-record to the same output that your external effect is plugged into. Then, setup an audio track with the input that the effects unit output is connected to and press record.


You could also do this using the i/o plugin by setting the correct input and output and then do a realtime bounce (or use a bus) to record the result...


The duet is not ideal for this as you only have 2 ins/outs and will probably have to unplug your monitor speakers to do it.

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