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Tips on using Logic's High Pass Filter?

camillo jr

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I know this is a simple plug in but I can't find any specific references in the manual to this plug or to any other for that matter, just basic info common to all the plugs. (Is there no longer a plug-in reference??)


There's three settings. Frequency, got that.


Order - What does this do?


Smoothing - does this have to do with the ramp?


Other than that, how good is it? Does it work with minimal ringing? Are others using this as a matter of course to chomp rogue low end stuff on master out and individual channels?

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Thanks fader8, that clears things up a fair bit. And knowing what an fiend your are with the oscilloscope, I trust your recommendation that these are good filters!


What you refer to as phase shift in your diagrams, is that the same thing as ringing? Or to put it another way, are you saying that the filters, when used with extreme setings like 12 pole, will cause the frequencies to bump up further down the line? I admit I'm not totaly clear on the ringing concept except that it will add unwanted effects like EQ boosts when you're trying to cut things elsewhere. (I think.)

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What you refer to as phase shift in your diagrams, is that the same thing as ringing?

Not specifically, but with all things filtery it's all inter-related. Yes, if the filter slope is steeper, there is more phase shift (group delay) and there is also more ringing.


I'm still writing this article:


It's informative if you're interested in such things.

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