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Virus TI Arpeggio, problem when play starts. Logic to blame?


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Hello everyone


I have a really irritating problem that I’m hoping to find help with.


The problem is Virus TI arpeggios going mad during initial playback. They start late and then play fast as if they are trying to catch up. Takes about two to three bars to really settle down. But even then, as I loop round there are notes dropped and delayed.


I can have a song with one software instrument track (with the Virus TI as the instrument) and a blank audio track. I have a four bar midi region on the first track that just plays a one bar chord at the beginning of each bar. The Virus patch is set to “Zyntar M@”.


Now the fun begins. If the selected track is the Virus/MIDI track then playback is fine. The arpeggio starts correctly and stays in time perfectly. However, if the select the audio track before playback I hear the “start late and then play fast” effect. Sometimes it’s some other effect, crackling and so on.


1) This is not a “starting at bar 1” problem. I can move everything to bar 100 and it still goes wrong in exactly the same way.


2) The second track doesn’t have to be an audio track; it could be another software instrument track. But if it is selected when play starts, then all goes wrong.


3) I have tried different USB leads and different USB ports.


I thought this might be to do with the latest version of the Virus TI software (it is Beta after all), so installed a fresh copy of Snow Leopard on a separate drive (updated to 10.6.2 ), installed LP8 (in case it was an LP9 problem) and tried again. Still the problem.


I then installed a fresh copy of Leopard on a separate drive (updated to 10.5.8 ), installed LP8 – still the problem. I gradually started installing earlier and earlier versions of the Virus TI software (all the way back to 2.7.5 ), and the problem remains.


I recently changed my Mac Pro to an 8 core 2.8Ghz, but I don’t remember having this problem before.


Any help or advice will be gratefully received!

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Thanks for the replies.


Mine seems to be working well for the most part. Occasionally I will hear the problem you describe, but the best thin is to give it a little pre-roll.

Are you using OS on your TI? This greatly improved sync and a number of other issues for me.


I have tried various versions but am currently on 3.3.0.


If I start playback a bar before the loop begins then all seems well. But that really slows things down for me.


I have the same issue using 3.3 beta...


and to spice things up even more, sometimes my arpeggios/lfo's play back at half speed forever until I stop/start the track!


ouch! :cry:


Do either of you have see the problem when starting play with a virus track selected / audio track selected. That bit is weird to me and 100% reproducible. I have attached the project.

Access Virus Test.zip

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