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Error Message When Opening Projects: "Not a Logic Proje


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Hey Folks,


I'm new to Logic, and just acquired Logic 9 Pro about a week ago. Everything has been going great so far, until yesterday when I tried to open multiple projects only to be faced with the message "This is Not a Logic Project", including missing audio from the project and inability to save. I checked all of the project folders, and all of the audio appears to be in place, etc. Can anyone tell me what's wrong here, what I need to do and so on?

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Which project versions are you trying to open? L5, L6, L7, L8?

Are those projects stored on an external hard drive formatted in FAT32?

That could be an issue, because Logic doesn't like FAT32 drives. I've seen projects getting corrupt because of that.

See if the project displays as a Logic project in the folder where it is before you double click it. If it doesn't show as one, the file is corrupt.

Solution? AFAIK there is none because it's a file formatting issue.

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In terms of what type of project I'm trying to open, they are all L9 projects that were originally created in L9 because I've never had any other version. All projects are being stored on the computers main internal drive inside the Logic folder within my home folder, and they all show up as L9 projects with Logic as the default app. As for format of the drive, I'm not sure how to go about finding that information. Either way, all audio files etc remain in the same folder, which has an identical title to the project within it, however when I try to relink the project with it's audio I can't because I simply get the message "This is not a Logic Project". :?
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