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Blue but no Green Apple Loops


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My name is Evan, this is my first time on the board, so hello everybody. Just installed Logic Pro 9 a week ago. I have just put together my first project studio for my own projects.


In trying to get familiar with the software, I decide to go through the "Exploring Logic Pro" manual that comes with the software. I get to the part about adding loops, which couldn't be easier. BUT, the manual speaks of green (MIDI) loops and blue (audio) loops. I see no green. To double check, I select "all" and scroll down the list to not find one green loop. What am I missing here?


Thanks in advance and I look forward to getting know and learn from everyone from here. This looks like an awesome forum. I'll do my best not to ask to many stupid questions :D

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Exactly. They are all there but none are green. I have the exact files the Logic guide is using, but they are blue, not green.


And another thing, these loops are on my startup drive, while they should be on my external drive. What is the easiest way to move these without messing up file paths?

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