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6GB RAM in Macbook Pro (2007 and later)?

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First, let me say this board has been a great resource for me and thank you very much to everyone (especially David). I've long read posts here and am glad to finally be making my first post.



Have any of you guys tried putting 6GB of RAM in a 2007 "Santa Rosa" MBP or later? I'm seriously considering it as I've been struggling with memory/resource issues for a little while now. I'd really love to get the extra 2GB (I have 4GB now) as I think it would give me a significant increase performance (I can only run 4 audio, 1 FAW Circle, and 2 Omnisphere tracks before I start to get pops and pretty substantial slowdown). My only question is which brand of 4GB memory to get? I'm going to have a mismatched pair, so I'm trying to get the best I can.




Have any of you had reliable brands with RAM choices for this (or RAM upgrades in general)?


My system: (I'll add more specifics when I get to my computer :) )

2007 (Late) MBP 17" (2.6 I think)


200GB HD

Logic 9

OSX Leopard

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