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"Radio effect" Plugin?

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Hey there everyone,


I'm working on a track where half way through I want to distort the whole thing to sound like it's on a radio losing reception and then come back into the song. I've mixed the song into a drum bus, a guitar bus and vox bus and was planning on sending an effect into all of them from a separate aux...however I can't find out what the best combination would be to get the sound that I want. Any ideas? I'm thinking of experimenting with the EQ, perhaps setting it to one of the telephone settings for the distant feel, but im not sure about the static and pops etc that come with a bad radio player. All suggestions cheerfully accepted. Thanks!


Lily V

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plug in an old radio with manual tuning into your audio interface..record while searching through static......or mic up an old radio to get the effect of the smaller speaker


run this newly recorded track alongside your other


chose one of the eq radio settings and place on both tracks so they sound like they're from the same source...


then , using automation/crossfading you could probably approximate the effect you are looking for


for instance automate the eq effect to fade into a radio effect and then the track to crossfade and disappear (via volume automation) into the static (which is being automated to rise in volume)..........do the opposite to come out the other side


i have never tried this but it would be the first way i would try it, if it were me


hope this helps


p.s. if the old radio is not an option, i'm pretty sure that it wouldn't be too hard to find a loop of some of this kind of thing

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I don't have access to my home system just now. But if I would do this I would first do a really sharp EQ to remove any high and low-end, just middle range. Then put a ring modulator, maybe with automation, to cause that kind of out-of-phase sound. Then add some noise using a sample in the background. Also use automation so it sounds more lively. Might even pump the levels up and down with a compressor, dynamically, so it sometimes is loud, sometimes not, but still squeezed.... Something like that -- assume you are going for the AM sound.


And if real AM, it has to be mono!



PS: This is a good sample to mix in, too:




Also, check out the warped Space Designer patches in Logic 9, some of them might be applicable.

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Or use an Impulse Response of an actual Motorola Walkie Talkie attached to this post.


For those that don't know, just open Space Designer, click Load IR (on the circle looking button), find the file on your disk, set Dry level all the way down and Wet level to taste.


This Impulse was found somewhere on this site, I take no credit for it. I will say that it sounds awesome, though.


This along with Vinyl could make for some killer sounds


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Or just get Speakerphone - AU plug-in for Logic.......pricey but well worth it. It is THE one plug-in that will do it all - GSM distortion, interference, pops and crackles, radio speakers, TV sets, megaphones, PA announcements...... awesome plug-in from the guys who make Altiverb:






This is exactly the "plugin" you are looking for.

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