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Upgrade from Macbook Pro to Mac Mini?

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I have been dabbling with Logic Pro 9 for a few months now and it is installed on my MBP Core 2 Duo 2.4 GHz. The audio files are on an Iomega FW800 external drive. I use a Korg Triton Extreme as my MIDI instrument and also as an audio instrument (using fiber optic cable).


I've had trouble with major lag between the key press on the Triton as an audio instrument and the tone that plays through the computer. It takes some back and forth tweaking of the MIDI sampling settings on the laptop and in Logic Pro to get it to time just right.


I have been experiencing problems with processor overload, and have had limited success distributing the tasks across both cores.


It takes some time to hook everything up whenever I want to play, so I've been considering getting a 2.53 Mac Mini to use exclusively with Logic Pro.


My question is this: Should I expect to see much of a performance difference between my MBP (2.4 GHz with 800 MHz front side bus) and the Mac Mini (2.53 GHz with 1066 MHz FSB)? Additionally, all the audio files would then be put locally on the Mac Mini.


My second queestion is: Has anybody else had problems with getting the sampling rates synchronized when using the optical input from the Triton Extreme or other keyboard?



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