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10 songs with 16 tracks of drums to flex?


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When you have al lot of tracks that needs to be flex edited with linear phase, like drums, It might take a while for your computer to calculate all the transient markers for all the files. (at least my g5 does..)


Here's a little workaround I accidentally found out!


-do not choose a flex algorithm yet!!


-group your tracks and check the 'phase locked audio' box in the group settings.


-open the regions you want act as q reference in the sample editor. say kick and snare.


-click the transient editing mode button.


-hit the '-' and '+' buttons until there are only transient markers where you want them.


-repeat this for all the tracks you want to act as q reference.


-now, press the q button on the tracks you want to act as q reference and de-press the rest.


-choose an algorithm.


-Logic now starts to calculate all the other audio files for transients!! And this is the trick!! Simply hit escape till logic gives up!


Logic doesn't need to know these transients since it will only look at the q referenced tracks.


This surely saved me a lot of time.

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