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Far East Flavor


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This is my first piece done in Logic. I made some mistakes with it

but it sounds decent. I took the flute out of it's natural range and

some of the phrases are a little long. I had a time trying to put that

oriental style into it, (probably because I have a European heratige).

The Chinese flute is from the World Jam Pack and the Strings and

French horns are from the Symphonic Jam Pack. All are EXS24 Samples.


Tara's Theme


Logic 9.0.2 OS 10..6.8 Dual 3.0 Quad Core Mac Pro/9GB Ram
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Hey, it's really nice! Very new age... could be a good soundtrack to a documentary or movie set in Africa or South America or something.


I think the flute needs to breathe more to give a more natural feeling and some rest from that high pitch.. but you figured that out already. I wouldn't like to be a flutist having to play that part (not much time for breathing).


I like the percussions. Hey I just re-read your post.. chinese? I didn't even realize. I guess so... Yes, of course, come to think of it. What was I thinking African-South Amercican??? I must be tired.

My new Logic Pro Book is out!

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cool feel!

i could see an epic journey across China, in to Himalaya...


i agree about the flute part.


i was cruising along thinking "i like this" and then the big percussion came in and that's when it came alive for me.


thanks for posting-


Using Lion on iMac 2.5 GHz i5, 4G RAM, Logic Pro 9.1.7, Ozonic, Tapco S-5 monitors with sub, Sony MDR 7506.

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Thanks for the feedback. I can see you gentleman have

exceptionally good taste!

Dave, don't worry about the mistaken geography. It seems

there are quite a few people are having difficulty sensing

the oriental feel I tried to put into it. I put the song up

at Garageband.com and I have received some very good

reviews. Of 17 reviewers, 2 thought it had an irish/celtic

feel and 2 others thought it had a native american

overtones. One even mentioned a Brazilian composer.

So I guess I am going to have to work on that aspect

along with the other parts. As my first original I think

it is being received better than I thought it would. It is

quite a learning experience putting something out for

people to judge.The next ones are coming along. I tried

to avoid any ethnic tones this time. Unless you can pin

down synthesizer and electric guitar to any one nationality.

Logic 9.0.2 OS 10..6.8 Dual 3.0 Quad Core Mac Pro/9GB Ram
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