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Logic with Saffire 56 using ADAT


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Hey guys,

I have found similar questions with nothing resolved on this but I have hit a wall with this one.

I have a Behringer Ultragain Pro8 connected via ADAT to my Saffire Liquid 56 to give me 8 more inputs into Logic.

Leaving aside that all the Focusrite software interface designs are simply atrocious, I have it set up now working well, using the 8 XLR inputs on the Saffire which show up in the Focusrite56 software and route through to Logic (Tracks 1-8 ) perfectly.

The problem is with the ADAT input that I have assigned in the Focusrite Saffire software which comes up on channel 9 perfectly, assigned to come from the Behringer on ADAT1.1. So far so good.

All is well as it is being received by the interface but I can't route it through to Logic no matter what I try. Selecting Input 9 in the Record Armed track in Logic provides no sound and apart from other numbered inputs or Busses there are no other options.

Am I missing something? Is this a problem with Logic not set up to receive properly or the Focusrite Saffire not outputing the ADAT signal properly to Logic?

I thought getting it into the interface would be the hard part but it is there strongly but I can't route it through to Logic.

Anyone help me on this?


Mac G5, LogicPro8, Saffire Liquid56

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Hey well I seem to have sorted this for anyone out there with a similar issue.


The hard inputs in Saffire go from 1-8, matched in Logic and then next in line in the sequence in Saffire are the two S/PDIFs which are taken by 9 and 10 in Logic's Inputs.


The ADATs are then next in sequence so are numbered 11-18 and matching those track inputs in Logic meant it came straight up in the respective channels.


Thanks to anyone who tried to think through a solution for me. It was quite simple really but had me struggling for a while.

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