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Recording Magazine Review - Using Logic Pro


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Great job & congratulations on getting your piece in the spotlight.


That piece has great dynamics and even on my little laptop speakers where I am at the moment it sounds quite vibrant and convincing.


I wonder if your software samplers support alternate tunings, and what the piece would sound like with Hermode Tuning (File > Project Settings > Tuning) on the winds, brass, and strings? Live orchestra players (I used to be one) instinctively gravitate towards just intonation. It might be worth an experiment to see if even more realism can come from that.



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Thanks Matt!


Not sure about the Hermode Tuning. I'll check it out with my next project. I did add another track to this project. I layered some Kirk Hunter strings. Because of several other string tracks, not sure if it added anything.


Best, John :)

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