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Logic 9.1.1 and Apple 30" Cinema Display..bug?


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When using a monitor switcher between two Mac Pros with Apple 30" cinema display, I've found Logic 9 does the following:


Switch away from Logic computer, then come back to Logic computer, Logic works fine until you

change a Screenset and bang, it crashes Logic every time.


Switcher is not the issue:


As a test (with Gefen tech support) we took the switcher out and plugged monitor directly to Mac Pro.

We then disconnected and reconnected the monitor (or monitor turned off/on- essentially what a switcher is doing) and had the same results.


We did this on two Mac Pros and two different 30" Cinema Displays with same results.

We tested on both Nvidea GeForce GT 120 (Mac Pro stock card) and a GeForce 8800 GT.

This is with Logic 9.1.1 running in 32bit and 64bit.

This does not happen with other display brands.

DId not test with smaller Cinema Displays, only the 30".


Does anyone have a 30" Cinema Display and a Mac Pro who will try this. Just turn monitor off or switch away to another rig while Logic is up, turn monitor back on, then change a few Logic Screensets.


If you can recreate this problem with the same gear, please send a bug report to Apple:



My crash report is here if anyone can decipher:






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